Why We Work

Why We Work – Our Approach

South Florida Home Care’s delivery model is unparalleled in the industry as it offers a Care Managed approach. This additional care management is built into the cost of our care.

Here are some differentiating facts that put South Florida Home Care above and beyond its competitors:

South Florida Home Care vs. “Other Home Health Companies”

  • Every patient is given a care manager regardless of the amount of hours they are receiving.
  • Caregiver Selection Process is more selective than any other home care agency in our local market. Click here for more information.
  • All of the employees and management at South Florida Home Care are seasoned within the healthcare industry. Many home health care agencies are bought as an investment by people with no prior health care experience.
  • We have a Director of Nursing on staff that is in charge of ALL care coordination of our patients. Most franchises have regional or district Nursing Supervisors that are there for the purpose of checking paperwork. Our Director of Nursing does supervisory visits and assessments of our patients.
  • We are accredited through the Community Health Accreditation Program. Private care companies prior to 2007 were not required to be accredited. Read more about accreditation here.

South Florida Home Care vs. Nurse Registries

  • All of our employee’s are W2, which means we have DIRECT supervision and accountability of their performance.
  • Nurse registries typically 1099 employee’s (Independent Contractors), and assume no liability as you are considered the employer. The nurse registry only serves as a service that coordinates billing and scheduling, and as a result, just marks up labor hours.
  • In the case that a caregiver is injured within the home, the agency is liable and provides worker compensation insurance. In the registry model, the person owning the home is liable for any injuries.
  • Most long-term care insurance policies do not cover Nurse Registry’s due to the danger of this model because of the lack of accountability.

Two VERY important questions to ask: 1.”What is the term Accreditation“?  2.”How do we choose a Caregiver“?

“There is no shortage of care delivery systems available in Palm Beach County. I will put my care up against any other facility or enterprise”. –David W. Paul, Owner

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