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Studies have shown that the effects of aging can stunt wellness for the elderly in many different areas. At South Florida Home Care we try to make aging as comfortable and graceful as possible. We do this by implementing a Holistic Care Plan for our clients. We target the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual components of personal wellness by tailoring a program to stimulate activity in these areas. Through our holistic approach, we have found that our client’s quality of life has significantly improved. Below are the components of wellness we target and try to improve upon.

The most visible component of deterioration during the aging process. As physical limitations start to arise, it is easy for seniors to stop physical activity altogether. Sedentary lifestyles lead to poor blood circulation, which in turn exacerbates physical limitations and ailments. Physical limitations are common with seniors, but we pride ourselves on setting and reaching goals within Doctor’s orders and within our client’s physical limitations. An example of obtaining these goals can be going on walks around your neighborhood or in a climate controlled public place like the mall.

The brain is an organ just like any other, as the heart and lungs need exercise to gain cardio-vascular strength; the brain requires stimulation in order to maintain its acuity. We try to stimulate our senior’s mind in subtle ways by engaging them in conversation, reminiscing on fond memories, or scrapbooking old photos. Other activities that we implement to challenge different parts of their mind can be playing board games, card games, or assisting with hobbies and crafts.

Seniors are prone to depression. It can be a vicious cycle that is perpetuated with the effects of aging. We try to improve emotional wellness by being an asset to our senior’s lives, by not just being caregivers, but by being friends. The constant reinforced stimulation of familiar people give seniors the feelings they are not alone.

Our experiences show that physical limitations, along with other effects of aging, bring up the feelings of mortality in seniors. We strive to guide our clients in finding their “inner peace” or “spirituality”. Some examples of how we promote spiritual wellness is by taking clients to religious events, reading spiritual affirmations, taking to visit family and friends, or taking trips to places that bring back special meaning to them.

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