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Edward Walsh

EDWARD WALSH  |  Director of Nursing



Edward J. Walsh was first welcomed to the SFHC team in the spring of 2013 as the Director of Nursing. Nurse Ed is responsible for the direct clinical supervision of SFHC's quality caregivers. He brings with him a wealth of experience working as a nurse in different healthcare modalities in South Florida. Prior to nursing, Ed held numerous positions in administration and management for both local government and private sector, on Long Island, NY. He audited the CETA (Comprehensive Education and Training Administration) program for the Financial Management Office of the Suffolk County Department of Labor and oversaw that appropriations to the various projects were being utilized according to plan in an efficient and timely manner. He worked as a project administrator for private companies in the engineering department, in charge of scheduling, estimates to complete and financial reporting for government contracts such as the B1 Bomber, F-15 and F-18 fighter instrumentation programs.


After moving his family to Florida and settling in Jupiter Ed finally gave in to a long time desire to work in health care so he enrolled at PBCC and became a registered nurse. After graduation he went through 9 weeks of intensive telemetry training at Palm Beach Gardens Hospital and was placed in the Telemetry Unit where he worked for over a year. He then requested a transfer to the Med-Surge Unit where he worked to get the experience he needed to become eligible for Hospice employment, an interest he developed when he observed the compassion and caring they gave his mother in her final days. Having achieved this Ed dedicated himself to providing the highest quality of care for hospice patients and their families in and around the Palm Beach County area.


After years of gratifying service with Hospice he began craving an opportunity to use his skills again to assist patients back to health and accepted an offer to become a private care nurse for a fairly young heart transplant patient in Jupiter. A year later the Workmen's Compensation Board refused to continue paying for a private RN and the patient died in a matter of months. Ed then accepted another offer for a high profile private duty case where he was the nurse manager for a round-the-clock care patient with Parkinsons disease. He managed the hiring, scheduling and evaluation of staff, ordering of medical equipment and coordination of all patient activities including PT, OT, and message therapy. He earned the trust, love and respect of the family and took part in all birthday, anniversary and other celebratory events including vacations, until the patient finally passed away four years later from heart failure.


Ed continued on in caring for seniors at a Brookdale facility in West Palm Beach where he interviewed residents, and ensured they were receiving proper services and achieving the goals directed in care plans generated by nurses from outside home health agencies. A new and exciting challenge presented itself to Ed when he answered an email query for a registered nurse at a same day surgery center in West Palm Beach. The Palm Beach Lakes Surgery Center hired and trained him in pre and post operative patient care while grooming him as an OR circulating nurse. He became proficient in all aspects of same day surgery and obtained surgical clearances, maintained surgical and facility equipment, provided pre and post op care, managed the pain room, operated the fluoroscope during procedures, ordered medication and did post-operative calling of patients. After a few years Ed moved on to another same day facility in Wellington where he assisted doctors in colonoscopy, endoscopy and lover biopsies. He also supervised the LPNs and Med-Techs in the pre and post op units while acting as charge nurse in the recovery unit.


A year a nursing academy in Lake Worth invited him to lecture a class of LPN students in end of life care and he enjoyed it so much he began doing it on a regular basis. When one of the teachers at the school needed heart surgery they asked Ed to fill in and teach her LPN class while she recovered. He accepted the offer and when the test grades of the students improved the owner of the school offered him a job teaching his own class. He later became a clinical instructor for RN refresher students at Good Samaritan, Bethesda and Palms West hospitals and trained LPN students at a skilled nursing facility in Wellington.


Ed has been an avid fisherman for as far back as he can remember. He grew up fishing and mating on party boats in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and owned his own charter business in the Great South Bay, Fire Island inlet area on Long Island. He was a member of the Babylon Captains Association and served on the Board of Directors of the Babylon Tuna Club, a prestigous fishing organization that sponsored tournaments and sold the fish for the benefit of handicapped and underprivileged childrens organizations. He has written numerous fishing articles for the Long Island Fisherman Southern Edition and is a published author of condominium management pieces as well. Ed enjoys a wide variety of music and sings, plays guitar, and harmonica at family gatherings and celebrations.






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