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PRIVATE DUTY ACCREDITATION: It is important for a home care consumer to know certain facts about the type of home care they are receiving in regards to the business model and regulations associated with it.

South Florida Home Care is a nationally accredited home health care agency by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). What does that mean and how does that effect a consumer?

The purpose of accreditation is to supply a uniform set of standards that encompass the core business processes along with the clinical processes. These standards encompass the procedures from the intake call all the way to the discharge process.

The function of CHAP Accreditation standards are to:

  • Strengthen internal operations.
  • Promote continuous quality improvement techniques and systems.
  • Promote consumer safety, satisfaction and outcomes.
  • Affirm public trust.
  • Meet community health needs in a cost efficient and effective manner.
  • Maintain the viability of community health practice nationwide.

It is important to know that the state started mandating Private Duty Home Care Accreditation after 2007, meaning that every company before this date is not required to hold their companies to these standards. In my time and experience working in the field, I have only known one agency to pursue this standard of excellence. Why don’t most other companies get accreditation? Simply because they do not have to, the more standards that are implemented the higher cost it is to the business owners.

At South Florida Home Care we believe quality patient care is our topmost priority, regardless of the cost of doing business.

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