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Senior Care Agency in Palm Beach Awards Caregiver of the Month

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South Florida Home Care nominated and awarded Suze Litus for Caregiver of the Month for November 2015. Suze has been with South Florida Home Care since January 2014 and has been nothing short of amazing. Her dedication and communication with the office and our Nursing Staff in regards to her patients have been phenomenal. She is always looking for ways to improve her client’s quality of life and her work never goes unnoticed. She goes above in beyond when it comes to her trainings and even obtains additional trainings and education to improve her knowledge in senior care. She has been working in home health and with the geriatric population for almost 20 years.  We are very lucky to have Suze on our care staff.  Congratulations Suze!


A Tribute to Todd Sanchez

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Todd sanchez



A year ago South Florida Home Care suffered a great loss. We lost our best caregiver, Todd Sanchez unexpectedly. Todd, without a doubt, was the most compassionate caregiver South Florida Home Care has ever had. His work never went unnoticed, between staying later for clients, helping out in the office, cleaning up after our annual Sunsets & Sea grapes Fundraiser, the list goes on. He was a special part of the team and is greatly missed. This year we will be dedicating a Caregiver of the Year award in Todd’s honor, to one of our caregivers. 


Todd worked with many clients at SFHC. There were two in particular that he was with for a long period of time. In one particular case Todd moved in with a patient on Singer Island who was reclused to his home due to insecurities of a skin condition.  Todd noticed that the man loved to watch the stockmarket- and loved his Starbucks stock as it made him substantial amount of money over the years.  Due to the relationship he was able to build- Todd made this once reclused man who never left his home to go to Starbucks on a daily basis for his morning coffee.  The two soon became regulars- reading the paper and talking about current events.


In another example- Todd worked extensive hours with a patient with dementia.  The patient was very physically acclimated and needed a great deal of activities to keep him engaged or else he became irritable.  Todd would take him on the golf course- play 18 holes- then take the patient to the gym for cardio and strength workouts.  Todd knew exactly what his patients needed to keep them safe and calm.  With this particular client- he eventually developed such a relationship with the family that he was like a son to the client and his wife. They even brought him up north to their vacation home where he was able to take a mini vacation of his own and see his family in Massachusetts.  Todd was loved by many and his spirit lives on through the team at SFHC. We were truly blessed to have such a caring individual in our lives.



Brittney Raymond Promoted to Director of Client Services

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bray and pat


South Florida Home Care- leading provider in Home Care in Palm Beach – is proud to announce the promotion of Brittney Raymond.  Brittney has been working at South Florida Home Care for the last two years as the Patient Care Coordinator.  Her responsibilities included onboarding and recruiting care staff and scheduling care for all of our clients.  Brittney was instrumental in South Florida Home Care’s Caregiver Selection Process. 



Brittney is no neophyte in the senior care business.  She started working as a Dietary Aide at the Sarah Frye Home in Maine at the tender age of 16.   Her passion has always been working with seniors.  She gravitated towards senior care because of her mother’s long term career working in nursing homes, assisted livings, and home care/hospice.



Brittney’s professional growth has positioned her to be promoted to the Director of Client Services.  In this position she is responsible for the fulfillment and quality assurance of all care being delivered by South Florida Home Care.  She will ensure that all clients are happy with care services and also promote continuing wellness of seniors by utilizing care management skills to add experiential tasks to the care plan.  Brittney has personally included that as a part of her job description due to her extensive experience working in activities in assisted livings.


“I have worked at many senior care agencies in Palm Beach.  South Florida Home Care is undoubtedly the best Palm Beach home care company in respects to quality, working environment, and professional development.”

Brittney’s journey hasn’t ended there- as she is being positioned to become certified as a Geriatric Care Manager.  South Florida Home Care’s unique service differentiator includes implementing care management with all the patients that we serve.  


“Brittney’s attitude and professional growth is quite impressive, I can’t wait to see her gain more experience as a Geriatric Care Manager.” says David Paul- Founder/CEO of South Florida Home Care.  You can always find Brittney around the office or visiting clients in their homes. Make sure if you see her you congratulate her on her new position!



South Florida Home Care is a leading home care in Palm Beach focusing on companion care, personal care, hourly care, and live in services.  Our service locations include Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, and Tequesta.


Private Home Care Agency Awards Caregiver of the Month

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private home care agency




Private Home Care Agency- South Florida Home Care- Awards Cynthia Romero as Caregiver of the Month for October 2015.  Cynthia has worked at South Florida Home Care and has been a dedicated member of South Florida Home Care for more then two years.  Cynthia has worked in senior care for more than a decade as a certified nursing assistant in Palm Beach County.  Cynthia was awarded Caregiver of the Month for her loyalty, dedication, and compassion with the patients that she takes care of.  One patient in particular- Cynthia works very hard with the patient's guardian to ensure that she receives the highest quality of care.  This includes taking late night calls to help clients that aren't in her scheduled shifts.  Cynthia is also a dedicated Certified Nursing Assistant at the Gardens Court- a skilled nursing rehabilitation center in Palm Beach Gardens.  Cynthia stated after recieving this award "South Florida Home Care is the only private home care agency that I want to work for."

Caregiver in Palm Beach Gardens Promoted to Management

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Event hosted by South Florida Home Care on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at the Jupiter Civic Center.



Vallynn started working as a caregiver in Palm Beach Gardens at the tender age of 19. She was inspired by one of her close friends who had begun her career in home care and decided that it was something she wanted to do as well. She became a Home Health Aide where she performed personal care, companionship, etc with seniors and really developed a passion for helping others. She eventually completed school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and is currently waiting to take her boards.



Vallynn started working for South Florida Home Care in October of 2014 as a Caregiver. Her bright smile and endearing personality immediately won the management team over.  Her knowledge and skills were very evident after the first meeting with our Director of Nursing Ed Walsh.



The South Florida Home Care team recognized something special about Ms. Rogers. In April of 2015 Vallynn was brought into the office and offered a dynamic position that was more than just hands on care with our clients.  She was instrumental in helping us open our satellite office in an independent facility in Delray Beach and became the first point of contact for residents and families who were looking for quality home care.  Vallynn still works out in the field and part time in the office but is transitioning into the role of Patient Care Coordinator. She currently gets out and about meeting clients and families as well as monitoring our live in cases for quality assurance. Vallynn has helped develop programs and incentives for the caregivers based on what she has experienced herself and what she believes will help South Florida Home Care stand out from the rest.



When she is not working, Vallynn enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves to keep busy so you will not find her sitting home on her day off! Even at work she is a busy body and goes above and beyond in order to keep up with the daily office tasks. SFHC is proud and fortunate to have such a valuable person on their team.



South Florida Home Care is all about quality care.  I have never met a more professional group of caregivers and supervisors in my history working in home care in palm beach gardens."- Vallynn Roger